Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scott Pilgrim Cosplay & Sword Template

Late last year my brother and I attended a cosplay convention in Columbus, Ohio. While I got some awesome pictures of everyone else I unfortunately didn't take the time to photograph my brother.

...and I've heard about it ever since.

Scott Pilgrim Cosplay wearing Smashing Pumpkins Tshirt

Smashing Pumpkins Tshirt
 I did take some quick snapshots when we got home at around 1:00am. In an effort to shut him up I tried my best to turn said snapshots into something nicer. As a photographer I've determined this to be an EPIC FAIL. However, as an exhausted sister I say they are fantastic.

Pictures of Cosplayer as Scott PilgrimNega Scott Cosplayer photos
Fire on Scott Pilgrim Sword Photos

I would also like to draw your attention to this absolutely fantastical sword. 
How to make scott pilgrim sword
Ok. It's not as impressive as some but it was originally an axe handle. 
Yeah an AXE HANDLE. Just like this one...
wooden axe photo
I have to give props to my husband for picking the most random thing out of his garage to make the sword from. Also, in his defense, we were crazy short on time. This is also why we didn't attempt to wrap the sword properly. Tsukamaki, as it turns out, is NOT easy.

The medallion was the most difficult part. I took a photo or a sketch (..???) that I found on the internet to use as a model and then redrew it on the computer. The final template is below. Feel free to use it or post it elsewhere (with a link back please). I'm hoping someone else may find it useful.  
On a side note...if anyone happens to see said photo/sketch please let me know in the comments. I remember it being extremely helpful and would like to leave a link to it. 

Free Template for Scott Pilgrim Sword

All in all not too shabby for having about a week to prepare.  

Scott Pilgrim Costume

Friday, June 20, 2014

Change is good, right?

-The only thing constant in life is change. -

You know how throughout your life you're faced with decisions that, if chosen, have the potential to utterly disrupt your entire being? Maybe even the kind of decision that you have to be just a little bit stupid to even consider.


O.K. good. Glad I'm not the only one.

Meet our latest -

rehabbing an old house

Just to be clear you are not looking at a house. No, you are looking at a project. A project no sane individual would attempt.

In case you're wondering the insane individual in our relationship is my husband. ...just saying.

The laundry list of tasks that need done is massively long. In fact it'd be easier to list the things that don't need done. Let's see...the brick work is all good, the grass is nice, and that's pretty much going to sum up what doesn't need attended to.

It quickly became obvious I wasn't going to be doing anything productive this year with my business. As of the last few months I've had to place myself on hiatus from any big projects. At first this proved to be very difficult and somewhat sad. However, after about a month of living life without the additional pressure of making so many other people happy I can clearly see how this large change has become an even larger blessing. Even with the stress of residing in a haphazard home I've not ever felt so at ease.  

While I plan on getting back on track eventually (Our project house came complete with a walkup attic new studio!) I'm going to enjoy this newly found contentment for the time being. 

I will not however be enjoying this... 

Yes. That was a room. ...emphasis on the was.

This is my someday studio. It comes complete with missing floor boards.


My kitchen...which comes complete with two rednecks. 

Ah well, at least the yard is nice!
charlene mccoy photography on turnwest studio

trails in the woods

backyard barn photo

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